Space Steaks | Part One

It’s a sizzler of a first episode!

In the inaugural visit to Pseudopolis station we find Tiff’s work day is not going as planned. Instead of the usual boring routine of helping ships dock and undock she’s got to figure out how to sell 40 tons of synthetic meat on a station full of people who don’t y’know,  need 40 tons of synthetic meat.

She may not know how, but partnered with a planet-born dork and a sassy AI she’s sure as hell going to try and figure it out.

Content Warning: This episode contains audio of a character taking a bite of a crunchy piece of food. No chewing or other mouth-sounds are heard.

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CharacterPlayed By
TiffJulia Schifini
ReaganStephanie Arata
HumphreyTy Coker
AprilVin Ernst
Captain WiddershinsGraham Rowat
CarloniDavid McGuff
Various voicesGavin Gaddis
EarlLuke Alphonso
BaccanalEsbee Steagal
TouristLee Davis Thalbourne
TouristLisette Alvarez

Transcript (PDF)

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