Humphrey’s Picture Day | IndieGoGo Minisode

Hope you’re not prone to craving chili cheese fries…

We join Humphrey waiting in line to get a new ID photo taken now that he’s a resident of Pseudopolis station. He’s never had a good ID photo before, and intends on changing that today. Tiff is also there, she’s got chili fries and nothing better to do.

This bite-sized bit of Pseudopolis fun is brought to you by the IndieGoGo campaign to fund season one. If you have a moment, do please consider checking it out! With your help we can keep this station spinning and you can get some cool SDP merch!

CONTENT WARNING: There are two instances of Tiff taking a big crunchy bite of a fry, and one line where her mouth is partially full. Mouth sounds have been edited to a minimum but the cronch is there.


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