Cast and Crew

Vocal Talent

Stephanie Arata is a midwestern, trans voice actress who is also creating content such as the visual novel Incompatible Species.

Julia Schifini is a writer, historian, voice actor, and lover of all fancy foods. She is the co-host and producer of Spirits, a boozy dive into myths and legends. She loves world-building, professional wrestling, fancy cheese, and all things creepy and cool. You can hear her on other shows such as Tides, What’s the Frequency, 1994, and Greater Boston. 

Ty Coker, the voice of Humphrey in Standard Docking Procedure, got his start by voice acting in Halo machinimas, but is currently most known for his voice work in comic dubs based on Miraculous Ladybug for Wintermoth Studios and Project: ML. You can also catch him in various other projects including an ongoing Detective Conan English Fandub by Infinity Productions. He enjoys cats and stromboli.

Lee Davis-Thalbourne is a math bisexual from Melbourne Australia who, during his many travels throughout the galaxy, produces and is a lead in Love and Luck, and also lends his voice about hither and yon. Allegedly. At any rate, Lee also spends his time playing with numbers, making people feel good on twitter, and concocting bizarre and elaborate schemes to combine these two passions.

David McGuff is and actor, director, producer, writer, and the founder and director of the indie theatre company Yellow Lab Productions in central Texas. David has starred onstage inThe Honeycomb Trilogy, Equus, A Steady Rain, Constellations and more. As well as adapting David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous men for the stage and having his short play Below produced in the Paragon Sci-Fi and Fantasy One-Act Play Festival in 2017. David is Val Kilmer’s biggest fan and owns his entire filmography on disc. 

Graham Rowat is a New York based actor with theater, TV, and audiobook credits. 
His audio drama work includes The No Sleep Podcast, The Truth, Theatre of Tomorrow, The Hotel, Superstition, 1994, and the upcoming Grey Rooms, Calling Darkness, and Copperheart. While in high school, Graham was briefly suspended from performing the morning announcements because of “inappropriate sounds”., @grahamny

SB Steagall is a forensic chemist who moonlights as an actress and a costumer. That being, of course, the professional way to say she’s an avid cosplayer and wannabe idol.

Luke Alphonso Jr. is an aspiring voice actor and writer currently working to make a name for himself within the community, when he’s not too busy grading student essays, that is. When not drifting among the stars with his fellow cast members of Standard Docking Procedure, Luke finds time for himself in writing horror stories or trying to get hands right on his drawing tablet.


CalicoCody is a whiz and Blender and avid spacecraft designer. When not bending vertices to his will he’s coding games in Unity. In addition to his stellar design of Pseudopolis, you can find dozens of other creations at his Sketchfab page.